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June 16, 2017

B Jones releases "Come Closer"

The successful Spanish Dj and producer B Jones presents her new single “Come Closer”, a fresh House summer hit with sexy beats of Deep House in the base. The catchy lyrics and voice of the British male singer Leon Cormack adds to the track good vibes and power through pop and disco rhythms. “Como Closer” has the soul of a hit to be broadcasted on the radios…
June 15, 2017

Eyes Of Providence conquer China

On the heels of releasing their newest trap-bass single "No Tomorrow," Spain's inimitable DJ duo Eyes Of Providence continues to rock the dance music scene in the East. With 15 sold-out shows across 15 of China's hottest cities, the duo have rocked dance floors from Beijing and Changsha, to Nanning and Hefei. Their tour culminates in Kunshan on June 24,…
Jun 09, 2017

Cris Ruiz presents "My Life"

Cris Ruiz releases his new single MY LIFE, a fresh song, with summer airs and brushstrokes of future house where the DJ and producer lets you see his Latin…
Jun 08, 2017

Este viernes, especial DoctorMusic.dj en Maxima FM

Este viernes 9 de junio volveremos a disfrutar de un especial DoctorMusic.dj en la radio dance más importante del país, Maxima FM. A partir de las 23:59 h y…
Jun 02, 2017


HEREN is back with ‘One Life’, a brand new single that straddles the fine line between pop and dance with precision, proving once again HEREN’s rare ability to…
May 26, 2017

GELAB presents his new single ARMOR

After releasing his first pop crossover tune "Human Nature", which gathered great reviews from fans and industry alike, Gelab is back with "Armour" another…

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